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What are Product Solutions?

Sinleen Artificial Plants produces various faux plants & trees, including artificial olive tree, artificial palm tree, artificial ficus tree,etc.

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Who We Are?

The Best Professional Artificial Plant Supplier In China


Sinleen is one of the best professional artificial plant supplier in China, focus on manufacturing indoor and outdoor artificial plants and silk trees, such as faux olive tree, faux palm tree, artificial fiddle leaf fig tree, artificial ficus tree, monstera, bird of paradise, rubber tree,etc, including faux topiaries, artificial hanging plants. If you need our artificial plant catalog, please contact us.

As a professional artificial plants supplier with the 16 years of exporting experiences, we have earned a good reputation all over the world, such as US, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Spanish, France, SA, South Africa,etc. We take every details in consideration when producing and packaging which are our customer’s needs. And more important, you can get the factory direct price from us. With the best price, high quality artificial plants, thouhtful packaging and safety shipping, you are always the winner in your business.

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How to produce an artificial lemon tree ?

Sinleen Artificial Plant Supplier Manufacturing Progress

artificicial plant supplier artificicial plants supplier
1. Cut out the leaves

Use cutting machine and leaf mold to cut out the leaves from printed rubberized fabric.

artificicial plant supplier artificicial plants supplier
2. Leaf formation and combine

Use leaf mold to formation the leaves and combine leaves to small branches

artificicial plant supplier artificicial plants supplier
3. Combine to main branch

Use big machine to combine the small bracnhes to big branches.

artificicial plant supplier artificicial plants supplier
4. Planting and make holes

Plant the main trunk into pot with cement and make holes on the trunks.

artificicial plant supplier artificicial plants supplier
5. Insert branches with leaves

Insert the branches into trunks which already have holes with hot glue.

artificicial plant supplier artificicial plants supplier
6. Protection and packing

Protected with air bubbles or air column, trunk and leaf part proteced with bags and fixation.

Why Choose us ?

Choose us for quality products tailored to your needs, with customizable options to match your preferences perfectly.

Quality Products with Customization Options

We offer a diverse range of products with various styles for you to choose from, and we provide customization options to meet your specific needs. Our products are known for their exceptional quality, natural aesthetics, and impeccable attention to detail. Additionally, we take great care in using high-quality packaging and ensure the safety of our products during delivery.

Low Prices and Free Branding

We offer the competitive prices with a guarantee of quality on all our products. Additionally, we provide complimentary labeling and hangtag design services to enhance your branding. To top it off, we also offer free shipping arrangements and assistance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our valued customers.

Efficient Sales and Production Support

Our dedicated sales team offers professional service with prompt and timely responses. We provide flexible Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) and swift delivery options to meet your needs. Plus, we offer order production monitoring to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Test and Quality Asurance

As a professional artificial plant supplier, we take quality seriously. Our products undergo thorough testing at every stage to ensure they meet high standards. We're dedicated to delivering reliable and high-quality products that you can trust. Your satisfaction is our priority.

What is Feedback?

we are committed to listening attentively and taking action to ensure you have a more satisfying experience.

Product is well made, very realistic looking. Customers are very happy with their olives trees. Most importantly they did what they said they would do in all phases of production and delivery.
Deanna Mercer
The goods have arrived - very nice products, well made - thank you.
I will odrer more in my new containers.
Barbara Czyz
Very professional artficial plants company, products quaity is very good, service is excellent, really helped me a lot on my business, thanks, Sinleen.
Felix Martinez

Who is Our Partners?

Sinleen is Your Trustworthy and Reliable Artificial Plant Supplier

Sinleen Artificial Plants manufacturer

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We will be your trustworthy and reliable artificial plant supplier, wide range of artificial plants for your selection,  customizable for your target, quality guarantee for your orders.

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