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How K/D Structure in Artificial Trees Reduces Shipping Costs ? In recent months, global shipping has continued to struggle due to Red Sea attacks. Many freight companies had to reroute ships south to sail around the Cape of Good Hope, and it took another two weeks and added costs. Saving shipping costs is more and more important for global trading. Especially for artificial trees, which have a larger packing size, making the carton box smaller is a must.

Here comes the Knock Down structure for the artificial trees to get the small packing size to save your shipping volume.

What is the K/D structure?

K/D structure is also called knocked-down structure. It means the artificial trees can be divided into several parts in a detachable way. Simply put, it means to cut the fake tree into two or more parts and add a joint to connect them, so the packing size can be smaller with the parts.

How is like for artificial trees?

This design is to cut the trunks or sub-tretches into two parts, make a hole in both ends, add a steel pipe fixed to one end, and add two small plastic gaskets with holes in both ends to limit the steel pipe in the correct position. The whole craft is like making a plug. Nearly the joint there are arrow or numbers indication to tell you which direction you should insert, it’s easily to combine them by yourself.

The advantage of the Knock down structure

  1. Smaller packaging means no worries about breaking off.

The length and width can be smaller, so the package size can be smaller. Some artificial trees have a height greater than 210cm; without a K/D structure, the carton size is over 210cm; it’s easily broken off if not properly moved by two workers. With K/D structures, the packing size can be 150cm or even smaller.

2. More quantities were loaded into the container

With a smaller package, you can load more items into the container, ultimately using the space of the container, so your shpping cost is saved in the other way.

3. Save money on your local delivery.

With smaller packaging, you can save a lot of money on your local delivery. As we know, packages larger than 120cm have extra costs for oversize. This will minimize your local shipping costs.

4. Smaller storage volume

When using for this design for the artificial plants and trees, you have smaller storage volume, whatever for manfuactures and for wholesaers. When the products are arrived at your warehouse, it has much smaller volume than without it, and it’s easy for your workers to move and store in your warehouse.

Feedbacks in the market

This design is more and more popular and accepted for the artificial tree industry, as the shipping cost affects a lot for the artificial plant wholesalers and retailers, especially Amazon sellers. They are trying all they can to save on shipping costs to get good sales prices and a good profit on it. Now most of them are require this design to save the shipping cost. And for consumers, a small package, big surprise.


This knocked downdesign not only simplifies logistics but also presents considerable cost savings across the supply chain.With a Knowck down structure for the artificial plants and trees, you can have smaller packages, load more quantities in the container, and save a lot of cost from freight shipping and your local delivery.

And this design is very popular among the artificial plant and tree companies and is largely accepted by the consumers in the market.

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