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How to shape artificial plants or open leaves ?

Many people purchased the artificial plants from the shop or online for home decor or office decor,but when your new artificial plants or trees has been delivered, it is not the way they look on the pictures or examples,so you need to do some shaping on it to make a beautiful look but how to shape artificial plants to the most realistic look? Some sellers will put the insert card into the carton to tell you how to shape artificial plants,but it’s too simple.Here we have the detail instructions for you.Here we used the 47″artificial monstera to show how to shape artificial plants.

Before the instruction to know how to shape artificial plants,we also want to tell you that the quality for the artificial plants is also related to the quality and materials used of the artificial plants,now let’s check the details.

Step 1:  Unboxing

A good packaging is the key to ensure the products complete and safe during the shipping.Our artificial plants and trees come in the 5-ply long hard box,the artificial plants often protected by a transparent PE bag,pot normally is black plastic pot,normally wrapped with the air column for protection and fixed to the carton to prevent movement during the shipping process. These pre-potted plants are arranged so all branches and leaves are pointed straight up and laid flat to protect them from damage. Open the package,cut the ropes,remove the protection parts,take out the plant, and stand at a comfortable height for you to work with,start at bottom and work your way up.

How to shape artificial plants or open leaves ?
How to shape artificial plants or open leaves ? 1

Step 2:  Bending the stems

How to shape artificial plants ? Shaping from bending the stems, the quality and material used for the stems is dermined that if the artificial plants is easy to shape or not.Different artificial plants have different stems ,also stems have different types: Plastic stems with iron pipe inside; Plastic pipe stem with iron wire insde; PU stem with iron pipe;The type of artificial plants stem for this instruction is PU stem.

While bending the stems start from the root of the plant and spread the branches slightly outward. This 47” tropicals  artificial monstera has 11 separate branches with broad leaves in different sizes. Find the lowest stem to start with, one hand holding the stem,the other hand bending the stem and work your way up from the base of the stem to the outer tip of the leaf,the high quality stem will keep the shape.       

How to shape artificial plants or open leaves ?
How to shape artificial plants or open leaves ? 2
How to shape artificial plants or open leaves ?
How to shape artificial plants or open leaves ? 3

Step 3: Shaping the leaves

The artificial monstera leaves is made of plastic and cloth.The quality of the leaves are also determined if the leaves can be shaped good or not,often contained irow wire for keeping the shape.Good quality leaves will help on shaping. Slowly glide your thumb and fingers up the middle to the tip of each leaf,shaping it to your desired look. For the uppermost leaves,reduce the amount of curve you put in the leaves, the top leaves should stand up a little more as they would in a natural environment since the real plant should grow so. The degree of the curve should be bigger to less from the bottom to the top.

How to shape artificial plants or open leaves ?
How to shape artificial plants or open leaves ? 4

Step 4: Last adjusting on overall style

After shaping all the leaves, spining the plant slowly to see if there is any empty space,try to identify the gaps between the branches,arrange the branches properly so that if there is any hole, you can fill them.Remember to make the plant with several layers so it looks more lively.If some parts are not well shaped,you can recover it to the original position and shaping it again.

how to shape artificial plants
How to shape artificial plants or open leaves ? 5

You should also remember a few points during shaping. Don’t be too rough while bending the branches of the plant in place. Remember that it’s better to bend the branches of the plants slowly and methodically until you reach the desired look. You can repeat the process if required, but you should take it slow and have patience. Remember it may take some time to get the aritficial plants to look like it does in the picture when doing this for the first time. How to shape artificial plants ? Practice makes perfect and the next time you purchase an artificial tree it will be a much quicker and easier process.

Place the plant in a pot or planter that fits your style. Kick back,relax and admire your tropical plant. This Artificial monstera plant link:

Hope the above instruction can help you to know how to shape artificial plants.If there is any question please feel free to contact us, we are glad to help !

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