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Artificial Bamboo Plant 6ft

Plant Type: Bamboo
Plant Material: Natural Bamboo pole
Leaf Material: PE+EVA
Pot Material: Plastic
Filling material of planter: black mud

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Artificial Bamboo Plant 6ft

Color: Green
Trunk: Natural bamboo pole
Pot: Black Plastic Pot
MOQ: 100 PCS

Product Features:

Natural bamboo pople:

The pole is made of real bamboo, and it add special oil to prevent mold and insects.

Adjusting leaves:

There is steel wire instead of iron wire inside the bamboo branches. When you receive it, the branches will have the styles itself, you don’t have to do much fluff things by yourself, you just need to slightly sort the mess branches from the carton box to achieve its intended appearance.

Indoor Decor:

This Artificial Bamboo Plant perfect to display in your Home(Living room, Bedroom, Big Entryway, Dining Room, Modern Decoration Indoors and Outdoors, Patio, Small Indoor Garden on Grass), Office or Store.

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