Olive Tree

6.8ft Artificial Olive Tree in Pot

Plant Type:Olive tree
Height:210cm(no planter)
Plant Material:PE plastic
Leaf Material: Silk cloth+plastic
Planter Material: PP Plastic(The planter in the picture is not included)
Filling material of planter: black mud

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This Artificial Olive Tree in Pot is height 210cm and can be made by trunk attachable with the joint, it can largely save the shipping volume. This faux olive tree looks real with the well processed tree bark and high quality silk leaves.

6.8ft Artificial Olive Tree in Pot

QTY/Carton: 1pcs
G.W: 10kgs
N.W: 9kgs
Carton size: 150*22*22cm

Enhance any room or office with our  olive tree, designed to look incredibly real and bring the beauty of nature indoors year-round. Forget about watering or plant maintenance – our faux tree is impossible to kill and will never fade. Crafted from premium silk material with a durable base, it’s easy to keep clean. With adjustable branches and a sturdy structure, this artificial plant maintains its height, color, and shape effortlessly. Enjoy the aesthetic appeal without the hassle of pruning or shaping. Plus, it’s conveniently portable with two separate pieces for easy room-to-room relocation.

Product nameArtificial Olive Tree
MaterialLeaf:silk olive leaves
Trunk: High quality plastic with iron side
Pot:PP plastic
Size210cm high by 120cm width
Oversea MarketAmerica,Canada,Australia,Europe,Middle East,etc.
Place of OriginGuangdong,China

artificial olive tree in pot

This artificial olive tree in pot height 210cm, width about 120cm, planted in a 7 inch black plastic pot.

Olive Tree Bark:

The bark of our artificial olive tree in pot is treated with three layers of paint, giving the tree trunk a realistic appearance. The surface is coated with a special material that mimics the rough texture of real tree bark.

Olive Tree Leaf Branch:

The leaf branches are made of high-quality PE plastic in a light brown color, which looks more natural compared to cheap-looking green plastic. The branches also contain sturdy iron wire, allowing for easy bending and adjusting of branch shape and direction without breaking.

Olive Tree Leaf:

Our faux olive leaves are crafted from high-quality silk cloth and feature double-sided printing. The front side is meticulously printed with olive leaf veins, displaying shades of grayish-green that closely resemble real olive leaves. The back side is a light gray color. The leaves are inserted into the main branches, creating a premium appearance rather than using generic green branches with uniformly green leaves.

Olive Tree Joint

The joints where the olive branches with leaves connect to the tree trunk are carefully crafted to appear smooth and natural. Extra materials and paint are used to ensure a seamless joint, both in terms of appearance and craftsmanship. The branches are securely attached and no glue is visible.

Olive Tree K/D(Knocked down) packing:

This artificial olive tree in pot can be easily assembled into two pieces. We utilize rubber gaskets and steel square pipes to connect the upper and bottom parts. You can effortlessly combine the two parts on your own. Additionally, this design allows for compact packaging, with this artificial olive tree in pot fitting into a carton measuring 150*22*22cm, optimizing space efficiency.


artificial olive tree leavesartificial olive tree leavesartificial olive tree trunk

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Packing size: 150*22*22cm

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