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7 Features For Buying Fake Plants

7 Features To Look For When Buying Fake Plants

7 Features For Buying Fake Plants


Many purchasers or buyers are don’t know how to purchase the right and quality fake plants, here we start from point of view of artificial plants manufacturers and the best selling artificial plants and trees from other buyers. Below are some tips for you before placing the orders.

1. Professional artificial plants supplier

To find a professional artificial plants supplier is very important for your business, it determines the product quality, your sales, after-sale service and the things during your purchasing process.

  • Trust-worthy and the capability to fulfill with your orders.Make sure they will follow the contracts can delivery the quality products for your orders.
  • Can provide the your best quality products with best price to boot your sales.
  • Professional and responsible sales team to help you learn more about the company and products,fast response for your order production process, and well known about delivery and shipping.
  • Excellent after-sale service to ensure your long term business relationship, can solve the problems after the delivery.

2. The right types of artificial plants that fit your market

Research and find the right and types of artificial plants or trees that fit your target market. Some artificial plants and trees are selling good on one market may not have good selling on the other market. Different countries have different cultures, the things they like are different. Such as artificial olive trees are selling very good in the US market, but it may not selling good in the European market. A full market research is necessary.

3. Understand the artificial plants material

Before purchasing the artificial plants, you will need to understand the artificial plants material, what materials are used to make the artificial plants and trees. Different materials have different look, quality and lifespan, also the cost is different. You have to make sure that the materials used are worth the price.

4. UV protection for artificial plants & trees

UV protection is very important for artificial plants or trees that for outdoor use which will be exposed under the sunlight, especially for silk or fabric plants and trees. Without UV protection, the leaves will be fade away quickly or even dead.

5. Flame retardant for artificial plants & trees

Flame retardant is very important for the artificial plants and trees which placed in crowded place, such as shopping mall. You have to make the sure the the branches and leaves won’t be easily lighted with fire. For safety consideration.

6. Take samples before placing your normal orders

Before placing your order, you must check the quality from the samples. Some buyer are worry about the sample cost or shipping cost, but with actual samples, you can check, touch and feel the quality in person. Not go with a rush order because low prices, because you can never know what you will received without sample confirmed.

7. The packing size for artificial plants and trees

The packing size is important for artificial plants and trees, Because artificial plants and trees normally have large shipping size, especially for Online sellers, such as Amazon sellers. Most of artificial trees are higher than 120cm, while many shipping agency charges very high extra cost for oversized products. It’s very expensive to ship by air. To reduce the packing size is very important way to save shipping cost.


By considering these 7 features for buying fake plants, you can choose the best way to deal with your business, easily to finish your jobs, and to make your business stable grow. Also, if you have other suggestions or different opinions, welcome to discuss with us.

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